The Road to Maven Lane

In 1994, a group of Vernon parents set out on a mission to create a child care and early learning centre unlike any other. It would have the feeling of a family and it would be a warm and inspiring place where children would have a chance to be curious, bond with educators, learn about themselves and their world, explore the community on field trips and spend time with peers.

The first home of the North Okanagan Child Care Society (NOCCS) was in the basement of Beairsto Elementary School. It was here that NOCCS began its reputation for providing outstanding child care and early learning.

Over the years, from a single room with 16 children, our little child care centre grew, and grew, and grew. By 2013, our third location in the former West Vernon Elementary School was providing care and education for nearly 300 children.

Today, we offer four infant toddler child care programs, care for school-aged children before and after school as well as during school breaks, and five 3-5 programs, each with a unique, leading-edge focus: Discover Montessori, Scuola, Adventures in French, and the Learning Tree. We are now the third-largest non-profit child care centre under one roof in Canada, and we’ve become an employer of choice for nearly 50 educators.

In December 2013, we were thrilled to purchase the West Vernon building from the school district. This was an enormous achievement given that we are still a parent-driven, non-profit organization and registered charity. Finally, we were home, in a neighbourhood in the heart of Vernon where we could place both feet on the ground.

With this big step, came even more pride and excitement about our role in the community. Now with a permanent home, we wanted a permanent name that would stand out in the minds of our supporters and families, and better reflect our unique mission.

Our new name is Maven Lane. Maven, as you might know, means both a source of knowledge and a provider of knowledge. That resonated with us because we feel that from parent to child to educator, we are all learning from each other. Lane seemed to fit because we see learning as a lifelong journey. We are also located, well, at the end of a lane, and Maven Lane had the ring of a sweet yet sophisticated nursery rhyme, a place where wonderful, magical things happen.

Welcome to Maven Lane.

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