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Our philosophy

We believe children should have fun and experience hands-on learning, and that we should offer an environment that respects and nurtures the pace of each child’s development.

At Maven Lane, we’ve adopted the Emergent Curriculum approach to early learning because it reflects our beliefs and it mirrors what we know about how children learn best. We also know that spending time outside supports children’s global development, so we spend extended periods of time outside regardless of the weather, and inevitably, getting dirty!

In the Emergent Curriculum philosophy, we trust and support children as they show us what they’re interested in learning. We weave concepts of literacy and numeracy into play, and into natural, teachable moments throughout the day. We give children the freedom and confidence to learn about themselves and the community.

Emergent Curriculum is made up of four elements:

  • The Environment
    A beautiful place that promotes wonder and curiosity with natural materials.
  • The Educator
    Not a lecturer but a supporter and a resource who provides the right tools, cares about and encourages the child, and arranges activities to support and challenge each child’s abilities and interests.
  • The Observation
    And documentation of progress to ensure a child’s learning needs and goals are being met, to foster her interests and curiosity, and to help her appreciate an experience.
  • Project work
    Where children choose concepts they want to explore, such as farming, and then have a chance to put that learning into context with hands-on activities as well as field trips and guest speakers.

All of our infant toddler and 3-5 programs employ the philosophy of Emergent Curriculum as well as other unique early learning philosophies and approaches, including:

  • Emergent Curriculum
  • Magda Gerber
  • Experiential Learning
  • The Montessori Way
  • Place Based Learning
  • Citizenship
  • Stewardship

We also use the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning Framework for children from birth to five years as a tool for reflection and guidance.

At Maven Lane, we’re more than a Vernon daycare or preschool. We’re the place where your child shines and begins a lifelong love of learning thanks to a range of leading-edge early learning philosophies.

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