Steering Committees

Steering Committees

Our steering committees are designed to provide a balance of input from all stakeholders; membership volunteers, board members, and staff come together to fine tune efforts in specific areas. Commitment varies according the the committee, but all interested and willing individuals are welcome!

Accessibility Committee

The role of the Accessibility Committee is to regularly evaluate current practices at Maven Lane, and seek out new opportunities to ensure our services meet the needs of the whole community. Our work actively promotes cultural diversity, fosters financial access, and monitors the childcare needs of the community. The committee carries out market research, writes grants, develops surveys, and seeks out community donations for projects.

Do you believe in equal opportunity for all? Do you value diversity? Are you experienced in writing grant applications? Are you comfortable cold calling prospective donors? Do you enjoy collecting and collating data? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the committee for you!

Committee contact: Mandy Humphrey,

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is charged with maintenance, repair, and improvements to the entire Maven Lane facility, including managing financial costs and budgets for our work. The committee implement additions of new features and infrastructure such as accessibility changes. 

Committee contact: Hollie Henderson,

Playground Improvement Committee

The Playground Improvement Committee was established to plan for more natural play spaces that stimulate the senses and promote relationships with nature; to look at sustainability, scalability, and affordability; to seek volunteer specialists to help with play space improvements; and to explore opportunities to incorporate community access. Although the designated space for each program currently meets licensing requirements, there is a desire to ‘green’ the spaces and make them more conducive to creative exploratory play. To date, funding for play space improvements has come from fundraising initiatives and community grants.

The committee is made up of parent and staff volunteers who meet on an as-needed basis. We welcome new members to participate in ongoing planning, organizing work-parties, and hands-on construction/demolition, as well as ad-hoc support from individuals with technical skills such as machine operators, landscapers, and carpenters.  We also have a ‘wish-list’ of child-friendly playground features that members could volunteer to create such as bird houses, weigh-scales, and bean-pole teepees.

Committee contact: Hollie Henderson,