Three to Five

This isn’t a classroom. This is a world of possibility.

Ordinary moments become magical moments every day in the 3-5 and preschool programs here at Maven Lane. All of our programs give your child the confidence and freedom to learn with their hands and their imagination.

We’re proud to offer five well-rounded 3-5 programs, each with a unique focus as well as our cornerstones of care: physical activity, healthy snacks, free and structured play, quiet time for reading and resting, and field trips.

You’ve probably spotted our preschoolers around town, inspecting carrots at the Farmer’s Market, gardening amidst sculptures at the Caetani House, or preparing for an imaginary take-off in a plane at the airport.

This is where children discover the world, their own wonderful talents, and a lifelong love of learning.

3-5 Programs

  • AdventureQuest

    Connecting to Nature

    Your children will be healthier, happier, and excited about spending time in the highest quality setting, with the highest quality resources – the classroom mother nature herself provided!

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  • Scuola dei Bambini

    Reggio Inspired

    This Reggio inspired program allows children to drive their learning and discover the world by fostering their deep curiosity and potential in a beautiful, natural-feeling environment.

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  • Discover Montessori


    With a hands-on approach to practical life skills, the use self correcting materials, and the support of nurturing educators, your child’s independence and confidence will blossom.

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  • Curiosity Club

    Locally grown
    – locally inspired!

    Establishing the children’s place within our community requires close observation through the eyes of a child. With the support of equally inquisitive educators, the children will enjoy developing a strong sense of citizenship!

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  • Learning Tree

    Morning Preschool

    Alongside peers, nurturing educators and inspiring resources support your child’s journey to growing independence and the discovery of the joy of early learning in a group setting.

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  • Armstrong

    Morning Preschool

    Our second pre-school offers the same support and nurturing as our Learning Tree program. The joy of learning through play in a group setting is a wonderful precursor to your child’s formal educational years.

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