Focusing on developing a deeper connection with nature for three to five year olds

If children come into the world intrinsically connected to nature and biologically designed to form loving attachments with the world, as educators we want to nurture this awareness and caring connection. This program aims to support the children’s sense of fascination with all around them. We take for granted the world we live in, but if we look closer, we will find that it is in fact, a classroom with no walls and Mother Nature is the Facilitator!

Traditional Early Education programs will concentrate on self-regulation, self-care, self-awareness, independence and meeting developmental goals; we will not be overlooking these. However, Adventurequest will also seek to develop the children’s critical thinking skills, their confidence to investigate, their ability to question what they observe, and appreciate and value their right to feel connection with the natural world.

From our home base at Maven Lane, we will plan our adventures in the outdoor classroom. Science, mathematics, engineering, creativity, and literacy are all naturally occurring curricula that we will tap into. While the children are distracted with their investigations, they will also gain increased fitness, emotional and physical confidence, stronger immune systems, improved communication and literacy skills, as well as feeling a sense of calm and joy. We will let them explore, let them be fascinated, and further develop their intrinsic relationship with the natural world