Discover Montessori

Our Montessori full-day preschool program for three to five year olds

Where children feel letters, count with sticks and read by running.

Montessori isn’t just a teaching method, it’s a mindset. As a Discover Montessori student at Maven Lane, the classroom is your child’s oyster, a place where his wonder, independence, readiness and spirit guide his learning.

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered children excel when they get their hands in their learning, when they take on concepts that interest them and that they’re ready for, alongside children of other ages, as well as educators who, rather than lecture, inspire and provide the right tools.

Principles of the Montessori approach:

  • Engage children with materials designed for doing rather than looking.
  • Appeal to children with materials that are bright and the right size.
  • Let children discover mistakes through materials designed to identify errors.
  • Train children’s senses to focus on specific qualities—the length of a rod, the pitch of a bell.
  • Give children a pleasant, natural-feeling environment where imagination and independence thrive.

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