Nurturing the inherent investigative nature of children

This community based program sets out to make investigators of its younger citizens. We want to harvest their natural sense of wonder and apply it to every question they may ask about our community.

A child’s vision of their world relies on them not only being able to understand how things work, but how things fit together. Much like a patchwork quilt; each individual piece is interesting, but the true value is realized when placed in its rightful position to help create the whole quilt.

As with any investigative process, we start with a communication; ‘Wow look at that’, ‘I’m scared’, or ‘How did you make that’. Each of these provocations warrant investigation! As a group, we will delve into the Who, What, Where, Why and How of everyday snippets of community life; ask questions, investigate the history, make comparisons, establish preferences, discover alternatives, meet those who do, ask why, try, and present our findings.

Our home room is a base from which to plan our expeditions into the community, organize our thoughts, create action plans, and then report our findings! It may not look like your traditional early childhood program; there may not be a home corner or math area, but it doesn’t mean we won’t be learning about family and mathematical concepts.