Under Three

Eat. Play. Love.

(Oh, and learn).

Your child is an explorer. At Maven Lane, she’ll get all the opportunities she needs to discover her world, interact with peers and bond with her educator.

Here, your child will have a chance to play in the fresh air on site and on field trips, and in the naturally stimulating rooms that promote wonder and creativity. All the while, our nurturing Early Childhood Educators look for teachable moments to foster learning about the sights and sounds that interest him most.

Start your day knowing your child will have a chance to experience joy, love, nutrition, physical activity and attachments to peers and educators.

Maven Lane Infant Toddler Programs

Depending on space and your child’s age, you can choose from one of our two infant toddler programs:

  • Infant toddler

    Nine months to two years
    Let your child discover the world alongside other children and nurturing educators in a safe, inspiring space.
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  • Stepping Stones

    Two to three years old
    Give your toddler a safe and warm environment to build friendships, self-confidence and independence skills.
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Which philosophies guide Maven Lane’s infant toddler programs?

As with all Maven Lane programs, children attending our infant toddler programs experience early learning through play. We understand that time is essential for developing a sense of security and trust with caregivers in order for children to build the confidence to freely explore their interests.

Our five infant toddler programs incorporate aspects of:

The Magda Gerber approach respects the infant’s need for rituals and expression of feelings, the desire for independent exploration and the understanding that life is made up of choices which have consequences. When nurtured by trusted and supportive caregivers, infants become self accepting, secure, autonomous, and motivated learners.

The Emergent Curriculum deepens the infant’s understanding of their world by caregivers knowing where the infant’s interest lay, observing what they already know, and expanding that knowledge with relevant and developmentally appropriate explorations and experiences. The further we deepen the understanding, the stronger the foundation becomes for enthusiastic learning through play.

Why you’ll love Maven Lane’s infant toddler programs:

  • Your child has a primary educator for all of her caregiving needs such as diapering and naptime, and to let you know how she’s doing.
  • Cornerstones of our family-centered program such as good nutrition, physical activity, learning through playing, and bonding with educators help give your child a happy, healthy start.
  • A one-to-four staff ratio ensures your infant or toddler always has the safety and attention he deserves.
  • Your child has a chance to discover our wonderful neighbourhood on short field trips in three and four-seater strollers.
  • When you pick up your child, you’ll get a verbal write-up of how he ate, slept, learned and played throughout the day so you two have more time for hugs at pick-up time.

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