Nolan Bassett attended our French preschool program before moving upstairs to the French Immersion program at Beairsto School. He recalls warm and helpful educators, and having fun with the stations and activities. Nolan has continued on through the district’s French Immersion program and looks forward to being fluent in French in travels after high school. […]- Nolan Bassett
Carson Bassett attended our French preschool program. He remembers having fun with his peers and the friendly educators introducing him to a new language. Carson continued on in the school district’s French Immersion program and he looks forward to being able to speak French in work and travel as an adult. Now a student at […]- Carson Bassett
Alicia Hill was in our child care and early learning programs from the time she was eight months old until she entered kindergarten. She remembers learning through play at stations, the role model educators (Miss Sara and Miss Hollie) that she still has a relationship with today, and going from being a very shy toddler […]- Alicia Hill
Simmy Sidhu attended preschool and child care at Maven Lane. One of her memories about that time is strolling from the centre at Beairsto School to see the historical murals painted on the sides of buildings, and happening upon the mural painter, Michelle Loughery, at work. In addition to scores of other meaningful field trips, […]- Simmy Sidhu
Kelsey Anderson spent her early years attending preschool, child care and school age care in our original location at Beairsto School. She has fond memories of her preschool educators Miss Barb and Miss Janis, both of whom Kelsey has kept in touch with to this day along with other Maven Lane caregivers. She remembers their […]- Kelsey Anderson
Connor Glennon attended our popular French preschool program where he met his best friend, discovered a love for Canada’s second language and enjoyed field trips to places such as the bowling alley and the waterslides. Connor went on to study in the French Immersion program at Beairsto School. Today, at just 14, Connor is living […]- Connor Glennon

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